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Using Hushmail- For New and Current Clients

In order to maintain security and keep your communications private, clinic staff will be communicating with you through a Hushmail account. You do not need to sign up for an account yourselves. You will receive an email at your regular email account with a link to a secure web page where you will be able to read and respond to the clinic staff's message. The first time you receive an email from clinic staff, you will be asked to create a passphrase. If you have questions about what Hushmail is and how it encrypts your email, you can read about it at  Clinic staff is communicating with you through a Hushmail account for you security.

Secure messages to you will be deleted after 14 days by default, so you should copy and store any information that you will need to keep for future reference.

If you haven't used Hushmail before, the email that you receive contains instructions for how you can securely read your message. Most web browsers include an option to save passwords and this works with Hushmail passphrases as well. This is particularly helpful for Hushmail users since passphrases can be longer than passwords. You can usually find the password settings in the web browser’s preferences. Remember that t allowing a browser to autofill your passphrase is only advisable if no one else is using your device.

Be sure to log out of your account when using public computers, such as those at the library. However, if you are using a personal computer, staying logged in will make receiving messages easier.

Hushmail will require you to create a passphrase when therapists send their first email to you. Once you create your passphrase, all future emails will be secure. Answers are not case sensitive, and spaces, periods, commas, and hyphens are ignored, so you have a little flexibility in how they answer the question.

You will have five attempts to answer correctly before Hushmail permanently deletes the message from their servers.

How to use Hushmail

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